• Websites that Deliver

    Synergy 3C builds web sites that get results and bring you customers. Regardless of the size of your business, we make systems that are easy to use - we can even do the administration for you.

    Our preferred system is ExpressionEngine, but we also do Worpress, Joomla and basic web pages, all to standard and trend.


    Websites to suit you
  • Money-making eCommerce

    We do eCommerce right! We want you to be successful! Build your business from the ground up with us.
    For large ranges, we use Magento - the world's most popular. Make content your focus with ExpressionEngine and shopping extensions. Or, add a cart to your site with FoxyCart. It's all about choice, your budget, and what you need.


    eCommerce for profit and growth
Synergy, n. sin-er-gy: when blending together creates an outcome greater than the sum of the parts alone


C is for Communication

Our world is driven by communication and the transfer of information.

The key to your success and long-term viability is in convincing your customers why you are better than the rest:

  • One-stop-shop website services
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Content Search Engine Optimisation
  • Easy, effective, SEO-enhanced sites
  • Cost-effective, money-making estores
  • Clever, SEO-supercharged content
  • Social Marketing & Identity Management
  • Time-saving support & site administration
  • Communications Management
  • Intranet Management Consultation



C is for Collaboration

It's the buzz word of the decade - but how often does collaboration really result in the benefits promised by working together? Not too often, unfortunately. Working together can be a costly & high-effort activity - often resulting in more issues than outcomes. But it doesn't have to be!

Finally gain your collaborative advantage with our years of leadership experience in classic and technology-enabled collaboration:

  • Technlogy selection & implementation
  • Consultation services
  • Readiness and capacity assessments
  • Research and white papers
  • Resources and workshops
  • Situation-specific advice



C is for Coordination

Use our Project Management experience to lead or consult in your ICT project.

Specialising in collaboration, communications and web and intranet systems, we can enable objectives delivery on time, on cost and in scope:

  • PRINCE2 Certified
  • Certificate IV in Project Management
  • Business Process Management
  • PROSCI/ADKAR Change Management
  • Intranet implementations & redevelopment
  • Information Architecture development
  • Content Development
  • Communications and Change Strategy
  • ICT Project Initiation & delivery



Synergy is for...

Synergy - from the Greek word 'synergia' (συνεργία) from 'synergos' (συνεργός) meaning 'working together'

benefits only made possible by bringing it all together

Synergy3c brings together collaboration, communications and coordination management to give you a one-stop-shop of services for building and managing your business online, achieving effective project outcomes, implementing intranet and internet communications capability and competitive advantage in partnerships and team collaborations.

Build and manage your online business and intranet and internet needs with holistic support and services in:

  • web development and site administration
  • ecommerce and online shopping development and support
  • copy-writing and content management
  • marketing and social marketing strategy
  • ICT project management and systems implementation
  • collaboration strategy and research
  • communications strategy and leadership
  • and much more